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Juno Gemes is one of Australia’s most
celebrated contemporary photographers.
In words and images she has spent 40
years documenting the changing social
landscape of Australia, and in particular
the lives and struggles of Aboriginal
Australians, a process that culminated in
her being one of the ten photographers
invited to document the National Apology
in Canberra in 2008.

Yet alongside her more public projects she has spent more than four decades
chronicling thelives of writers. To celebrate Juno Gemes’ appointment as
Photographer-in-Residence to the 2009 Sydney Writers’ Festival, the Festival
will be presenting an exhibition of projected images from The Literary Life at
the Heritage Pier on Thursday 21 May at 1:30-4:30pm.

Gemes was a Director of Paper Bark Press with Robert Adamson and she
now continues her passion for photography publications as a curator.

The Photography Book Show 1 - An Intimate Experience opens at
Ballarat Art Gallery 4th September 2009 as part of The Ballarat International
Foto Biennale .Juno Gemes is a Committee member of
The Ballarat International Foto Biennale.

on the road
kids dancing in front of an aboriginal flag

Movement photographer Juno Gemes created a unique visual document of the historic Uluru Handback Ceremony 26th October 1985 at Uluru NT.
Sacred Ground - Uluru Handback 1985 exhibition - Juno Gemes at Uluru Kata Tjuta Culture Centre was commissioned by Parks Australia to celebrate the 25th anniversary of this historic Handback .


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Shane Howard - Solid Ground , Goanna.

The Lightroom

the serpents breath

The Lightroom

Portraits from the Lightroom, Sydney Writers Festival 2009

clearwater title
the serpents breath

“Juno has created a world from her drawings with light and it is a world that will remain intact because it is a major work of art, a work of the imagination as well as a record of a particular reality in time and place”

Darren carries sacred fire

Juno Gemes was one of ten photographers invited to photograph the apology in the Parliment of Australia on 13th of February 2008.

Witnessing The Apology - Photo Essays now published in Heat and Australian Aboriginal Studies Journal

The Long March for Justice and Hope

Portraits from The Movement
1978 – 2003
Juno Gemes

Proof opened at The National Portrait Gallery in 2003 and the toured for 4 years with a final show at the Museum of Sydney in 2008

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PROOF was originally shown at the NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY in 2003

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Cuisine & Country


Commissioned and toured by the

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